A Happy Mess: Embrace the Disorder and Cacophany

When it comes to raising children, many parents strive for a picture-perfect home with everything in its place. And let me tell you, as a verified type A personality, I was convinced this is exactly how our home would be. However, the desire for order and cleanliness can often lead to stress, frustration, and unrealistic expectations. Embracing the “mess” in our homes when we have children can actually be beneficial for both parents and children.

First and foremost, accepting the mess in our homes can reduce stress and anxiety. Constantly trying to maintain a spotless home is exhausting, and can leave parents feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled. Often times, one parent in particular feels the burden and stress more than another, which can lead to marital discord, which is obviously not great for raising children! By embracing the natural chaos that comes with having children, parents can let go of the need for perfection and focus on enjoying time with their kids.

Furthermore, allowing children to be messy and creative actually promotes their development and learning. Children learn through play, and allowing them to explore and experiment with different materials and activities can foster their creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills. Allowing children to make a mess can also help them learn responsibility; encouraging them to clean up after themselves and take ownership of their actions are powerful life lessons.

Embracing the mess in our homes can also promote a sense of family togetherness and connection. When parents prioritize spending time with their children over maintaining a perfect home, they create opportunities for bonding and meaningful interactions. Instead of being consumed with cleaning and organizing, parents can focus on playing, reading, and engaging with their children in a way that strengthens the family unit. When I realized I was spending more time “cleaning up” and losing out on valuable time with my kids is when I felt it was time to draw the line!

Of course, it is important to maintain a clean and safe living environment for children. However, there is a balance that can be achieved between cleanliness and allowing children to be messy and creative. Setting boundaries and expectations around what is acceptable behavior in the home can help our children understand the importance of respecting their environment and others.

Embracing the mess in our homes when we have children can have numerous benefits for both parents and children. By letting go of the need for perfection and embracing the natural chaos that comes with raising kids, parents can reduce stress, promote learning and development, strengthen family connections, and create a more joyful and fulfilling home life. Stop watching, and more importantly believing in the “perfect” Tiktok family with their beautifully kept home (I guarantee as soon as the camera is off, the house turns back into a junkyard of toys and crayons)…